Kevin Wilhite

local sacramento artist

about the artist

I started out creating paintings of vintage neon signs. Influences have come from past impressionist artists, old tractors, vintage cars, and the outdoors. My early work was rigid, with hard lines, and color that was rarely mixed. Now I am using more texture, paint, and fluidity to create my artwork. 

Neon Series:
My vintage neon sign paintings are focused on old vintage neon signage from and around the historic Route 66. I really enjoy the varied textures in the dynamic signs and am a sucker for anything vintage. I'm kind of a get-my-hands dirty person and could do a painting of an old rusty tub and it'd look cool.

Tractor Series:
The current series focuses on the tractors of years past. These large industrial machines are giants that have been laid out to rest in the fields they once worked. Layers of oil paint and sand create the texture appropriate for each giant's massive body. I research and photograph the tractors in their natural habitat searching for that glimpse of character unique to each.

Trains, Planes, & Automobiles:
This group of artwork resonates my childhood fascination with Trains, Planes, & Automobiles. I take myself back in time to explore the lines, details and unique features that give them their own character. It's my way of paying respect to the past designers who crafted these machines.

The Sled (release date 9/9/18):
The inspiration for this series comes from the 1963 Lincoln Contential. I want to protray paintings that evoke the weight and bold style reminiscent of that particular car.